Watch Out Of The Scam, Bloggers!

Monday, November 22, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

This was happened last year when I joined BuyBlogReviews for a review job. I had been posting quite reviews on my blog for Blog Advertising Store, in total amounts over $100.

However, the payment due for 3 months. So I sent them email to ask my money. After more than three times sent emails, they replied it with an unhappy news, telling me that I had contravened their terms and policy. I replied and asked them what kinds of breaches I had made -- they kept replied the same email, which I assumed it was automatic reply email. 

Instead, they had suspended my account!

As there was no progress in my attempts to get my money, then I just decided to forget  about it, and think it was just my unlucky day.

If they meant that I had contravened the policy and the terms, they should give a clear explanation and not suspended my account (I've sent them an email asked them to reactive the account, but they did not respond and neither reactive it). 

So what can you call to  kind of these things? First, they did not pay my money; secondly, they suspended my account; thirdly, they did not reactive my account although I already asked them to reactive it.

All I can say is: be very careful when you sign up for review. Not all of them are bads, but just assure about the payment policy, people can just build a site to get lots of bugs while we do all the works i.e. writing the review; your works might ended for nothing. 

Got bad experience doesn't mean it stops me from writing a review (that' won't happen!). There still some honest and real sites that offers review jobs, such as Blogverstise and BuyBlogReviews. I got some pretty good of bugs from these two companies. See ;).

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