The Wedding Ring

Friday, November 05, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

A wedding ring has a significant meaning in some country but also it means nothing in another country. 

But in western countries such as Ireland most married people will wear a wedding ring on their left ring finger (jari manis telunjuk). My Irish friend says that it suppose to assure people of your status i.e. single or married.

Fair enough a point of view. It may also suppose to be a guard for you in case you wish to cheat with somebody else so it would give a warning!

Indonesia has different thought of wearing wedding ring. Most of people in Indonesia like to wear ring, so don’t be surprised if you a meet young girl wearing a ring in their left/right finger ring: they like very much wearing jewellery.

For married couples it would not be a big deal to wear it or not; and that the thing of another Indonesian cultures; you might not sure either the person is married or single until you ask them.

It is a very common thing asking somebody married status in Indonesia, but not in the western country.

It has right and left sides about either important or not to wear wedding ring. It may not a big deal in Indonesia if a husband forgets to wear the wedding ring, but not in here.

A hubby would apologise to his wife if he has forgotten his wedding ring. Just like what my hubby did this morning. But behind his reason is because he also dislikes wearing jewellery. 

“So what is the wedding ring suppose to?” I asked him wonderingly.
“Isn’t it better if we just sell it because it’s more value than putting at home?” I continued arguing. 

He grinned at me. And I take that as an answer of good questions :).

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