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Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

I just wonder if there any woman who uncaring of their weight at all as I do care very much about my weight. It might be too flirty for some people to care much about our weight. If this is an opinion of most people, then I am a flirty woman. The truth is, my body is kinda  inflexible when I feel the heavy through activity, even if just walking.

Since I cameback from my holiday (I had a very big appetite during the holiday), my weight is raising suprisingly, its up to 58 kg! That's it. I have never ever had this weight before in my life. I had combined the appetite with exercise such as swimming (maybe the food I ate was not balanced with the exercise!).

I then decided to do something before I'm going to 60 kg!

I'm back again to Jackie's Kelly, which now has changed its company name to Energy. The previous gym did not really help me to encourage my spirit to go the gym as well as it's just a small club of gym, and nothing really there. 

At Energy club, I can at least get swimming if I get bored with the gym, and if I get bored with both, I can go for a aerobic class. 

Since I start to exercise again and look after my foods, my weight reduce 3 kg. Yummy! I have a goal to make my weight is back to 49 kg. Let's do it!

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