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Saturday, November 13, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Tonight, we have our first dinner in restaurant since comeback from Indonesia. It's in Yamamori, my favourite Japanase restaurant. 

The main course very variete, but I have my very, very favourite foods in this gorgeous restaurant. So tonight I'm going to write about my favourite Japanase food :).

It's always Tatsuta tofu, Sake, and Banofi pie, everytime I come to this restaurant, and it's been almost seven years I've been doing that. 

What is so special with this order? Let me tell you why I like them.

Tatsuta tofu: It's tofu mix with vegetables (Bean sprouts, long green nut, cabbage, and carrot) with ginger catchup on top. This food given with boil rice as well.

Sake: Sake is a traditional drink from Japan. I like to drink it when it's hot. Now, they have many types of Sake. To be honest, I don't see the different from their tastes :).

Banoffee pie: This is my favourite dessert :). Banoffee pie is made and mixed with biscuit with banana on top. They also put cream on top of it. I prefer with cream on top :). It's so yummy!

There are two restaurants of Yamamori in Dublin. One is located in Dublin 1, which is very close to O'connolly street, and the other is in George street.

If you are fancy of asian foods, you might want to try the taste of Japanese foods. You might find your favourite foods in here, who knows :).

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