4 Type Of Men/women You Don't Marry

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"A good man for a good woman" Have you heard of this old fashion? I have sometimes come with this old fashion of philosophy to encourage friends of mine whom in their failures relationship despite I don't take it in account of my own life, however, just wondering that this old fashion is really works for a spirit! And don't tell me that you do believe of this old fashion, or do you?

If there old fashion has been there before, what the new fashion then? Love is just so blind; I can't define this spesifically, only those who are think in deep love can describe this. 

Liking, loving, dating, and marrying someone ---- how long you think to know about someone you want to be with --- the distance between liking to loving, loving to dating, and dating to marrying? Well, Let me tell you, 5 years won't be enough to know what inside his/her brain!

But no need to worry if you're in hurry and want to be married soon!, at least you know what type of men/women they are. Here are tips which may help you to look for your soulmate:

1. Men/women who knew too much

Is this remind you of something? Yes! A movie of Alfred Hicthcock. Men who knew too much usually say things what to DO and DON't. They know too much about everything; they think their words more superior than yours as they think they knew this before you. Don't be surprised if someday he/she attacks you in argument with your old story though you never told him about it --- they have any ways to know about you!

2. Men/women with complicated feelings

Has ever someone you like told you he/she likes you but she/he trauma with their past relationship? A kind of teledrama or "Sinetron" thing. They don't know how to tell their feelings with you . Not because they are be carefull with these three words; they are just complicated for their own feelings. 

So think how your relationship will be if you begin a relationship with this complicated person. Don't believe in everything is gonna be alright while you know it hurts at the very beginning, believe it will be harder in the end instead.

3. Dictator men/women

Type of dictator doesn't have to be symbolised with a hard person with their rules. They can appear in soft attitude or speak softly. A dictator will think themselves as older and have more experience than their partner; usually they like to give more advice than listen to their partner. "Don't do that, don't do this" is type of dictator words. Being a leader is type of dictator. 

He/she threats you as your assistant instead of your partner who can also give you opinion --- he/she will not need to ask your permission to do anything as he/she is the big boss!

4. Surrender men/women

If someone wants to marry you and ask you "I'm not a rich man, neither smart,  I just have small salary with a small house, will you marry me", then you should reply him like this: "Will you have a chance to be a smart man and become a rich man?"

The surrenders consider a relationship is only about his/her dreamy partner --- not future.

You are going to spend the rest of your life with him/her, and yet having kids. Don't be a pathetic that his/her love is more than enough; you both and kids need financial demands to cope your family life. Surrenders won't survive to cope their life mentally and financially. So what will your future life become then? Will your romantic story help your financial demands? I know your answer: Well, it doesn't, but we are happy! Then see until years going and your life surroundings by life demands.

After all, marriage is a big thing as well as having children and we cannot put them as a gamble. To create a good life start from a good thing then you get the whole things good despite you may find it uneasy, but it's a process of a good life --- similiar with the old fashion I've mentioned earlier.

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