Analysing Data With SPSS Software

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SPSS software is generally used by student psychology and psychologist for analysing data for their research purposes. This course normally begin to study on the first year of Psychology course degree. The format is quite similiar with excel so you will find it easy to work with this software.

SPSS has different types of versions; however, they're not quite different functions, for example from version 16 to version 17 . I use the version 16's book while using version 17, it helps me a lot. However, there must be differences between one version to other versions so don't get confuse with the book you read with the spss you work with as there might be some of  on its functions have been changed.

There some of difficult works in the beginning of your first attempts, is when you put raw data. The raw data basically derives from sources of your research therefore you need to structure your raw data into a right form before you put it into SPSS. 

When all your raw data has been coded then they ready to put it the SPSS forms. Put your data in a variable view first (see the table below).

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When you finish with all the variables and then move to data view. Put all the data codes into this form (see the table below).

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Whatever you do with data e.g. making chart, analysis statistic, etc, they will come on the output form (see the table below).

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What you need remember when you work with your data that these three forms intertwines and whatever you do with your data it will change something to the other forms. This is what sometimes confuse some fellows with their data on their first basic study for data analysis, particulary when they make such as mistake or errors. Always look to these three tables forms everytime you do the analysis.

DBLN, 14.07-111210


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