The Analysis Of Little Hans's Phantasies

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Hans's anxiety leads him to create a phantasy to cope his anxiety. This anxiety later develops a phobia with horses (will be explained on the next post).  He doesn't choose the phantasies willingly. The purpose of the phantasy is to help Hans to cope his oedipus complex.

First Dream was when Hans was at age 3, 3/4 --- he dreamed that he was at Grumdem with Mariedl (daughter of their landlord), and this dream followed by a phantasy days thereafter. Before he had this dream, he and his father were visiting Grumden weeks ahead. His yearning towards Grumden and his friends has brought into a phantasy.

1. First dream and its phantasy.

Hans had a phantasy of being together playing with Olga, Berta, Mariedl, and Fritzl. The image of being at Grumden apparently remains a memory to Hans henceforth lead a yearning of visiting Grumden again and playing with them.

2. First phantasy: A giraffe phantasy.

Hans described his phantasy to his father: "Last night there was a big giraffe and a crumple one. The big giraffe was calling out as I took the crumple one away from him.  Then he stopped calling out, and then I sat down on top of the crumple one".

Hans's father interpretation: this phantasy as a matrimonial transposed into a giraffe phantasy; it indicates oedipal longings that brought him into their bed (the giraffes). 

Freud's interpretation: The sitting on to of was as a triumph for Hans to win his position of his father; he was callenging his father by means call out mommy as many as you want but mommy belong to me.

3. Second phantasy: Crawl through a rope and Smash a window: Breaking the law.
According to Freud this phantasy is the most suitable phantasy after the Giraffe phantasy which I can only interpret this because after his first triumph to take his father position Hans feels brave enough to do further acts with his father. The two phantasies of breaking the law are Hans attemptions against to his father's rules.

Hans still continue his phantasy as symbols of his worlds after these two phantasies e.g. Plumber phantasy and missing the train. They are help Hans to be what he wants to be, such as his worries of having a small widdler, and his Plumber Phantasy helps him to cope this anxiety by a way changing it to bigger one. 

It is a complex problem at a 3-year-old when he has to face unclear explanations of his curiousity i.e. regarding mother pregnancy, birth of Hanna, and human's gens. I agree with Freud, that the unclear explanation of his curiosity has evoked to the causes of castration anxiety and its complexity, yet the oedipus complex.

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