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Thursday, December 16, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

SPSS also allows us to edit a chart, is by clicking the chart and the new form will appear. The purpose of editing chart is to make it looks nicer and easy to read by readers.

Depending on what features you'd like to add on your chart, e.g. labels, title, colours, depth angle, etc. 

There are two ways of editing a chart, such as editing title you can edit it straight away from when you make a chart (see my previous posting on how to make a chart), and secondly, by clicking the chart (see the table below).

Table 1

The example of the table 1 showsthe chart does not have a clear information (see the red signs) i.e. no information what  is the chart about. So we will add soe information for this chart by following the red signs (clicking the features you wish yo change and add). And here is the editing result looks like.

Table 2

Note: Histogram does not use for nominal variables.

DBLN, 12.19-151210


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