Chill Factor By Sandra Brown

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Hello thriller lovers,

Back again to Sandra Brown! Today, I like to bring you to another a great story of Sandra Brown's books. It's one of my books Sandra Brown's collection, so are you ready? 

What can a woman do when she stucks in the middle of a quite mountain with storm, especially with a stranger?

Lilly is one of  local people who live with her husband who also a local chief  police,  in a cabin located at Cleary, North Carolina, is a sleepy mountain town. 

The local people have been shocked by four disappeare people at Cleary's areas. Cleary isn't big area so that make local people just thought their disappearance probably casued by the weather conditon.

After Lilly and her husband decision to divorce, her husband left the cabin, and followed by Lilly few minutes later.

Not far from the cabin Lilly's car suddenly hit somebody who then she found out soon that it's an injured man, which also cause Lilly's car trapped in the snow.

Later, Lilly soon realised that the injured man was Terry whom she met last summer in a local party.Terry was often visiting Cleary, none of local people know what exactly Terry is looking for on the top of mountain.

Terry's rumour had effected Lilly's instinct after they're stuck together for hours, that something about Terry. Lilly then related Terry's profile with four disappear people. She then knew, the real dangerous wasn't the big storm, but a man whom with her now...

Local people never realise that there is a psycho who's been living normally with them and the one who killed people and buried them on that area.

How can the local people and FBI find out about the psycho killer? 

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