Hello, December

Wednesday, December 01, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

It's been three days snowing and rainning in Ireland. The snow is fine because I and most everyone love snow (as long it's not everyday!), but snowing and rainning? That is not really good combination. 

Yesterday, I tried to o for swimming though the weather did'nt really support me to go anywhere, but it's been a week I haven't exercise so I thought it would be good if I just go.

The road was wet from snow and rain, and it was very cold yesterday (up to day). I could even feel it how cold it was on my feet though I have used a pair of thick socks.

It's snowing outside, and I love to see it through the window, from here, while very warm inside the house and while I'm typing this :). 

Actually, I'm on my break time studying, so I can't write a lot this time as I have to continue to study :). I have my CA for the psychoanalysis tomorrow, so wish me luck everyone!

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