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Saturday, December 11, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Some my blog visitors have recently come with a question about how to get a good rank as according to them my rank seems pretty good with no so many comments: so they come with these two opinions: Firstly, I must do a lot of blog walking, and secondly I must do link exchange.

Page Ranking ToolFortunately, neither those two hard works done by me. I wonder myself how come the rank of my blog has increased though there no many comments but the stats history shows its ascension everyday. So here I come with my opinion: English blog has a better chance to increase the rank without blog walking and link exchange needed.

No tricks or manipulation are needed to increase your blog rank; and no hard works either. It's only because my blog is in English. How come English give me a better rank? Well, here my views why English blog has a better chance to increase the rank.

1. English as an international languange.

Using English instead of Bahasa does not mean you don't love your own languange -- oh please I hope you don't think this way, it's a pathetic -- If you go to a blogger forum you will see many bloggers don't really have a good English but they go through with a solution for their blog problems. So English help us in a conversation for a particular purpose effectively.

Through English Blog you have a lot of advantages for your blog to read by people around the world. So not just by people from your home but also all people in this earth. I'm pretty happy to see my blog stats increase everyday and visited by people from different continents.

By using English Blog it brings my blog to USA, Europe , Africa, and also Asia. That's it, how my blog rank increase everyday, they come from different country and different times. 24 hours nonstop from visitors!

2. Easy caught by Google, Yahoo, Aol, etc.

These machine searchers such as Google, Yahoo, Aol and any networks are made originally in English so English will have more oppurtunity to be caught first before other languange. 

By using English blog, you don't need to put manually your post in these networks to caught more visitors. The machine searchers will put you together with other English information automatically. 

3. Well-known Labels Only

I only putting famous labels on my blog, for example Sigmund Freud, Psychology, Psychoanalysis, etc. These labels are well-know by most people in the world. By putting only good labels you can attract the machine searchers such Google to caught your blog. 

Well, I put such a silly label as well like "Diary" or "Resep JengSRI", I do this to keep the enjoyments of blogging activity so that still doing a great fun with my blog.

4. Useful English Post

A useful article does not have to be written in a text book. I hate text book, and most people don't like text book either. So avoid posting in a text book way. Use easy and fun words instead even when you talk about maths.

Many bloggers come with their blogs with different ideas and purposes like for business, champaign, diary, or even just for fun. You can do blog walking or exchange link if you think it's more fun for you  -- making fun with your blog and society online -- and the ascension of your blog rank will follow :).

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