How To Make A Chart With SPSS 17 (1)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

As the previous posting about how to work out appropriate statistic for different variables, SPSS also allows us to make such a chart for research needs. The working of making chart has similiar steps with looking for analysis statistic (see the table below).

However, there are two methods of making a chart with SPSS 17. First method is by clicking the form Graphs then click Legacy dialogs, and then choose the appropriate chart for the variable. Let's take Gender variable in this case. So for Gender variable it will go to either Pie Chart or Simple bar chart.

Table 1

After choosing the appropriate chart for the variable the new table form will appear automatically (see the table below). Go to chart, choose the Simple bar chart for this case the click summaries for group cases and then click define.

Table 2

The new format will appear and requires for next steps. Go to Gender and the move it into category axis and then click continue (see the table below).

Table 3

A Simple bar chart will then appear in the ouput table form (see the table below).

Table 4

This first of method is pretty handy if you want to do some editing for your chart such as putting the title  ( see on the right coloumn of table 2).
DBLN, 15.26-131210


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