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Wednesday, December 15, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

My previous posting has explained first method on how to make a chart with SPSS 17 (1). The second method can be used if you'd like to include the frequency table and the statistic analysis at the same time with the chart. 

Things need to remember is that every variable has different measurement of levels so ensure you don't put different variables in the same table.

The second methods has the same first step when you want to look for statistic analysis see on the previous posting

Presumably, you wish to include the statistic with your chart you then need to click statistic, and then chart, choose a variable and move into the form by arrow, tick display frequency tables then click ok (see the table below).

The new form table will appear after you click ok. Choose the appropriate chart for your variable. Let's take for Gender variable on this example, and choose pie chart the click ok (see the table below).

As the previous steps, a pie chart will appear into the output form (see the table below).

Nominal variable => pie chart, simple bar chart.
Ordinal variable  => Simple bar chart
Scale variable     => Histogram chart

DBLN, 15.20-141210


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