How To Work The Statistics With SPSS 17

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Frequency and statistics analysis are desirable for the research data in term of its result validity. Each variables will have its own measurement therefore the analysis will be different form each others.

Let's take example for Gender variable to analyse the appropriate data for this variable. Go to Analyse then click Descriptive, and then Frequency (See the table below).

The new form will appear after clicking the 123 frequencies (see the table below). Click a variable you wish to analyse, let's take Gender variable for example. Move Gender variable to the right form with arrow and don't forget to tick the display frequency if you wish to do it, then click the the statistic. 

As the previous steps, the last click will bring it to a new form (see the table below). In this new form you will be asked the appropriate statistics for your variable. So because I take Gender variable in this case, the appropriate statistics will be Mode, St Deviation, Variance, and tick display frequency table.

The result of your analysis will be appeared in the output form (see the table below).

Some people exclude the mode for nominal variable on their analysis, so they just put St deviation and Variance. However some people inlude the mode only for Nominal variable. I will suggest to put the appropriate analysis for whatever variable you choose :).

DBLN, 17.44-121210


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