Life Is Beautiful | Directed by Roberto Benigni

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If you want to know the detail information about this movie, please check it out at Wikipedia's site, you'll be grateful how Wikipedea can give you with fully detail about this movie.

The movie was set up in Italy and spoken in Italian so you need an English subtitles to wacth this movie.

It's told that this movie has won for 7 academy awards --- so I recommend you to watch this movie! I've watched this movie quite often :). I would watch this movie again and again as soon as I got it :).

This movie is about a sacrafice of a man, a husband, as well as  a father.

There are special scenes I like most from this movie, namely:

1. When Guido attempts to obtain a woman he admires with, Dora, a rich woman whom he has met incidently; especially in  a party that meant to be the woman's engage party.

My comment to this scene: Sometimes it's not about somebody's performance that can make we're in love with him/her. A genuine from him/her is the most joyful in a relationship. As well as an intellectual is not always uppermost of criterias to someone we want to be with.

2. The scene in a train station when Guido and his family was taken by the Nazi and his wife put herself in a risk despite she's not a jewish herself --- when an army nazy said to her to go home (as she's not jewish), she asked him to put her in the train together with other jewish.

My comment to this scene: All the differences such as religion, culture, colour skins can't talk when love needs a scrafice. Who wants to let people we love get hurt, anyway? Well, I won't --- and I don't think you either.

3. The scene when Guido's father was trying to help a nazy woman by touching her arms and she looked at him in a contempt expression.

My comment to this scene: All the differences can be a bitter fact to face when somebody backpack because of you different from them --- and it still happens up today.

4. When Guido attempts to make his boy to believe that everything happens is a game to win a big prize.

My comment to this scene: Good parents always do their best to make their child to appreciate life, to be better person, to not give up with this life --- however, only little of us learn it.

5. The last scene, when Guido was caught by nazy, still he reveals himself at front of child who hidden in a box in exciting smile and attitude before the nazy takes his life in shot gun.

My comment to this scene: Always respect your parents no matter what. They bring you to the world with life or dead. You can't pay this back with anything you have.

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  1. Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.


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