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Friday, December 03, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 3 Comments

Ufffh, it's been dead tired hours for me when I try to fix my template. As well as trying to look the solution through bloggers forum, and none of them really help my problem!

I wasn't sure what the problem cause, didn't even ask other people if my blog looks okay or not. It seems to be a problem on my blog main page when I try to view it. 

My problem is the side bar on my blog has been taking over to the main post page.  First thing on my head was there must be about cookies or cache. So I deleted them.

However, it did not fix anything.
I read some articles which having the same problems as mine, most of their problem got a help response from others. Some seems can solve their blog problems, some just no idea what to do with their blog.

I have tried to do all the suggestions from the forum --- they still did not work. That's deadly frustrating!

However, I turned again to the previous setting (I'm using a template from blogspot provider), and changing the template from one design to another. And aha! I found what the cause was!

It seems that html has been changed by the autor (to my point of view) as I didn't see the problem in the other template; it can be from the missing tag i.e.
, --- however, I won't spend my time to check detailing all the tags. 

So the best thing to do is change the template! And, is the problem fixed? Unfortunately, nope.

The new problem is came in the new template --- I've missed some of my posts. It seems that I can't use the Hierarcy setting to get the whole posts --- which probably the author of the template has set it up. So seem no choice for me to take the drop menu setting.

I'm not in a good day to fix the whole things on my blog so as long it doesn't look bad in its performance, I will then leave it on the blue colour for now :).

DBLN, 12.41-031210


  1. So you should study to someone that smart on scince IT support or someone that like make blogging especially about the article that you write or open google with write word in the keybord.thank you

  2. Hi Adhi, thanks for dropping by. I tried to reply ur comment however it seemed there was a problem in a form comment. I think it's not really difficult a problem, I just need to fully checking at the html :).

  3. Very nice thanks for the info.


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