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I have never considered how my pre-pension time will be. I'm still 33 yo, not young anymore, and I believe neither too old :). 

One of Effortless English Club's members has inspired me about to come up with this topic; when she responded my article about "A Misery Guts Of The Crisis Economic", she added a very inspiring picture on her comment (see below the post).  

In Europe country people start to conside about pension at 20's something which I assume none of young people in my country would like to think about pension at their 20's. 

Thinking about pension in my country is only for those who work at reign i.e. offical. However, it's not wort my while  to be an official since I was very young despite my mother would be pretty loved it if I could become an official. What on my mind was: "Hell mom, I can't follow your path, living with small salary with an official man, and nothing else you can hope it from his salary except a surrender" --- that was my thought :), and decided to put it down to experience since then.

Beside, I remember once my accounting teacher said that "Not to ever have a dream to become an official (pegawai negeri)". The thing is most everyone in my country is just dying to become an official. Perhaps, they assume it turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

Europe has different law about having a pension -- anyone can have a pension depend on their works, means if someone doesn't have the gost of a chance then they have no chance at all. In the other words, if you want to obtain a good pension then pull your finger out at your young age. It's true indeed. It does the trick at the end though it's not hit the big time but they're happy to keep their children at school and having own house, yet a good connection in reign network.

But here, in western country, we have different rules about pension. According to my friends whom european themselves, pension in Europe begins at age 67. So here we come with an incident disscussion about pension.

And here is a question for them: "Will you be happy to do that?" i.e. to keep working at age 60's. Well, I'll be definetely not very happy to work at 60's something. But again, here we are, in a freedom country, people can work as long they want to do it: so means in whatever conditions?

My hubby has inferred to this that they are required to keep work at age 60's because we have better medicions than before. Ouch. So, medicine helps people to keep their job longer?

Perhaps, you can get an inspiration through the picture below how an office looks like if the tasks done by senior people.

"Forever young, I want to be, forever young" ---- I don't want to be a victim of this dreamy lyrics.

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