Snow In December

Thursday, December 02, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

It seems all about snow in my blog recently. Well, I guess because neurons in my brain needs a break for a while to write about psychology :).

The snow in Ireland haven't stopped since last week and it effects people's activity. The weather condition seems to make worst that alrady happen in Ireland :(. Anyway, it's out of the topic for today.

I got some shots from train station nearly my house yesterday. So here you go :).

Clongriffin Dart Station
People normally call different names for train station. For Dublin and near its area we call it Dart station; for far areas such as from Dublin to county like Cork we call it Train Station; and from city to city we call it Luas.

From the top floor of the train station

I was wacthing this great view while waiting the train to town --- and thinking about Indonesia: my beloved family and my friends, wondering what they're doing right now while I'm sitting here?

Stairs covered by snow

The stairs were very icy, have to be very carefull when step on them. My boots not really good for snow season. Need the new one :).
Irish &  English versions

Cluain Ghrifin is an Irish word, it's very difficult to pronounce it therefore they put in English pronounciation. Although Gaelic is Irish languange, but English has been spoken sinvce long ago in Ireland --- so English is the main languange in Ireland. 

In some area like Dingle people speak Gaeli so their languange still exist :). It's believed that Gaelic is one of the oldest languange in the world, wow, I'm impressed and so lucky to be here :).

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