Stop Racism

Monday, December 06, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Racism. Does this word lead you to something? the hate, the anger, the differences toward another person merely because they're different; different colour skins, religion, cultures, nationality, etc.

It's anywhere and everywhere. Even in a place with plenty of sophisticated thoughts, intellectuals, and attitudes --- racism does still exist.

How and why do people racist to others?

Social psychology has their own theory related to this issue, such as theory of social identity, how people often prefer to be in a group with people they consider in the same side; and this usually occures when the in-group see the out-group through their self-concepts, self-image, and self-schema. As well as attribution is part of the ingredients why people racist.

These ingredients seem to me a natural of  human beings as these ingredients are as a protection of our group from outsiders. However, then how these ingredients can develop a racism to outsiders? 

Stereotype and prejudice. When these two 'bad' ingredients becomes extreme and slink to our self-concepts, self-image, etc; it will automatically lead to a dislike feeling, and by this the entirely of selfs' aroused to a racist attitude.

Can we stop racism? Yes. 


Plenty of ways to stop racism, if you have already a concern to this particular issue then by making a campaign to stop racism can help spread your voice. 

And other way is by attempts to know about outsider's profile. There can be something of the ousider's profile that might match to your profile. If there's nothing, learn about your differences from outsider, swap these differences and try to put on your shoes for fun --- how does it feel like?

It doesn't feel right at all when we try to put on someone's shoes to our own feet; but it does teach us that what right for us probably wrong for somebody else. It does teach us to respect the differences in respect manners.

Let's leave someone in the lurch instead of giving someone a rough time. Think about the regeneration what will be if this inherent to them. Please, stop racism.

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