What The Inside Love Really Is

Friday, December 10, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Loving and leaving. These two words intertwines in a relatioship. A happy marriage can change to a dissaster when two human beings suddenly change their minds and feelings to their partner. How can we in love and then leaving the love? Can love change to hate? and how?

What does love really about? when you say "I Love You" --- what does really mean? Before I go further to work these three words we see what LOVE does really mean.

Have you loved something deeply, something that make you  love it so much to do it? For example, you love you so much doing blogging? That's it! I Love Blogging because I enjoy so much while typing the words, I love my writings being read because I feel good about it. I love at the front of computer because I just love it. 

The LOVE you talk and feel about is a pleasure in your feeling, mind, and body. And tha's it, love gives you PLEASURE for you. So you won't love something if  they don't give you a pleasure. 

So the "I Love You" words then can be interpreted as "I love your body, your colour skins, having sex with you, etc" --- anything from him/her that can give you enjoyments and pleasures. If Lacan, a psychoanalysis, defined these three words as "I'm implementing you on my fundamental phantasy". 

Though this interpretation seems too rough to define a tenderness of love but I agree in some points of this interpretation. Let's say you love someone because his/her tenderness remind you of your mother for example; so you got your phantasy for loving him/her.

So loving and marriage are a creation of human beings phantasies? I'm afraid it looks like that. What something that can bring us to decide married anyway if not because of dreaming to have a good life with him/her? Is that not all derived from what so-called a dream/phantasy? Having children, having somebody look after you, etc.

Love you for a reason and leave you for a hatred. It seems too dramatic for unhappy ending relationship; maybe we just come by saying "people change" instead of "I'm bored with you". How does that sound?

So there is no such a true love? I love chocolate and I will it as much as I want until whenever or whatever it can stop me from eating it.

Is this enough to answer the question?

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