Attitude And Behaviour

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Attitudes refer ‘to very general evaluations that people hold of themselves, other people, objects and issues’ (Petty, 1995, p196)

Here is another interesting recent issue on psychology research, is studying if there is a link between attitudes and behaviour. Many social pyschologists still studying this issue and they come out with differ opinions. 

Such as Lapiere, in 1934, did a study to find out about how people react to different  etnics, in this case Lapiere did a study together with his friends who were a chinese couple.  They found that  people's behaviour appeared to be different from their attitude. 

In the other words, Lapiere study found there may a gap between attitude and behaviour. One thing that this study can be criticised is in that year ethnics differential might be very sensitive so people would react strangely or differently to other ethnic.

Unlike Lapiere's, another study from Krause, he did a study in 1995, and found how social interaction is crucial to the self-concept.

Still in the same study about attitude and  behaviour, there also different findings  from many social psychologists on whether attitudes can predict future or behaviour or not. Regardless of what they have found about attitude and behaviour, what do attitude and behaviour mean, exactly?

Attitude and behaviour have two different terms and meanings. Attitude is more related to a person's inner or thought while behaviour reffers to a person's acts. Both of these components are still studied by many social psychologists if there is a link between two of them.

How deep it the link is, I have my own theory that 'self' i.e. self-perception;self- knowledge; self-esteem; etc, has influenced person's attitude and behaviour; and as Krause, I also believe that a 'society' as well has a strong influence  to the affect of attitude and behaviour. 

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