The Importance of Social Interaction In The Concept Of Self

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A. Definition of self
B. Theory and Research on Self-Concept
C. The Importance of Social Interaction In The Concept Of Self

A. Definitions Of Self

" Self emerges and is shaped by a social interaction".
(Hogg and Vaughan, 2010, p66).

"We look to other people to see the image of ourselves reflected back in their words, attitudes, expressions or actions. Yet strangely, we often fail to notice this, that the search of our own individual of self is a social activity".  (Ian Brukett, 2008, p1).

B. Theories and research on Self-Concept And Social Interaction

Cooley (1902) and Mead (1934) found on their study of Looking Glass Self, that we see ourselves through other images and perceptions. Similar study to Cooley and Mead was also found by Schrauger and Schoenemen in 1979, 62 studies found that "we see ourselves as we think other see us".

C. The importance of Social Interaction in the self-concept

Self-concept is a person's definition of who she or he is. It's a description of who you are. When you're asked by someone who you are or what you do, you automatically describe your profile, such as your name, where you live, your hobby, etc. This description of person's profile is called components of the self-concept.

The description of the self-concept's components can be derived from its nature, and another is from other images and perceptions which are found in a social interaction. Many social psychologists agree that social interaction has a strong influence on our self-concept. 

This state is actually not a surprising finding as since age-old social interaction is indispensable by human beings. Social interaction is a tool for human beings to learn things, to develop our knowledge and our self-concept itself in a natural way. 

It is a natural way to develop our self-concept through social interaction. We learn naturally someone's behaviour through what is so-called schema. Once the schema attaches the mind it will automatically categorize the person into a type. In the other words, schema is an automatic-learning process. It is like attitude, schema is hard to change this is due to schema influencing our cognitions.

Schema is merely one of the examples of influencing contexts of self that I can describe in here. There are still many other influencing contexts of self that are also crucial to the importance of social interaction in the concept of self.

From those crucial influences in the context of self it then becomes clear for us that social interaction is indispensable in the concept of self.

Social world comes up with great advantages in our lives, a part of social interaction and material needs or keeping the world alive, it also gives us a true value for ourselves,  evaluating ourselves to become a better person.

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