New Year's Resolution 2011

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Here I am back again to a somber life. The weather, the activity, the life, the --- everything. I try not to complain about things, not in this year particularly as I want everything is better than the previous years: "this is what I always say in every single a new year" -- however, this is not my new year's resolution 2011!

I have never done or make a list of new year's resolution since I know what new year's resolution means. Actually, I'm not a big fans of making a list for self-promise: I prefer to call it as self-promise instead of new year's resolution. 

Isn't that called a self-promise when you attempt to do something better for yourself or others? and I don't know why I never do that, perhaps it because I'm not a believer for such as new year's resolution things.

I don't belie that a new year's resolution gives a positive encouragement to our next life as the list of new year's resolution often contains about promises, good promises for our life. The question is: does it really work in our life? and how long does it stand?

I give you easy example to answer the questions above. Do you realise in a new year mostly gyms full with members? I never realise until I know that most people have their new year's resolution to do more excercise. For a couple of months (no more than three months) the gym usually full with members, but then it becomes less gradually.
Some of us might have an aspiration and this aspiration that make us to keep trying to get it. When aspiration far from reach a negative thinking often come first in our mind and blame everything. 

Perhaps, by making a list of self-promise in a new year it would help us to get it harder and not to easy blame everything, and despite it's not for last longer but might give us a good start of what to do next year.

Regardless of what your new year's resolution just keep the aspiration alive!

Happy new year 2011 everyone!

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