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Some class mates of mine often get confuse to decide a variable into a type of measurements, such as Mean, Mode, and Median. In fact, these three majors types of measurements are the very basic that used everyday in statistic so if you don't understand how to use these three basics of statistic then you can't expect to interpret a data flawlessly.

I was told at the very beginning of my class by my lecture that studying statistic can be excited, boring, too difficult, and too easy, and I tell you I got all those feelings. So here I try to reverse the negative into the positive one, from bored into excited. 

A key to success in studying statistic is knowing where and how to use procedures to correctly interpret data, but how if you don't really like the subject? Here some basic tips preparations to study statistics:

It's not too easy nor difficult

Try not to think quickly that it's too easy or too difficult. If you are not very good or having difficulty in learning maths so get your head relax first before taking any step. It's merely a subject that you might not yet understanding or not used to with it.

Also, try not to think that it's too easy. Once you think that it's too easy you'll get bored soon and less interest to study it. So when you find one difficult subject to study the interest and the energy are not there anymore: you are stuck.

Posses statistics books and Calculator

If you want to understand the subject then buy its book. A second book from ebay can be a good idea: so start googling it! Or ask a previous class student who has done it, they may can give you a good deal with the price. 

Another crucial tool in studying statistic is a calculator. Explore any interesting examples on your book with yo ur calculator. For example, looking for the standard deviation.

Books, journals, handouts, internet

Book isn't enough to study, and most students hate a text book. Try something else that can make you more interested in statistic, for example, internet. Dozens of information regarding statistic, they explain it in variety styles so take advantage of this to keep up your interest.

Practise with homework

A homework is given to make you used to it and understand more with the subject, so don't keep it until the next class. Give your first 15 minutes to start it and then see how you get on. Don't give long hours in your study, especially if this is your first time studying statistic.

Ask friend, family, lecture

Not fancy to ask your lecture about your problem in statistic? then try to ask your class mate or anyone in your family who's done statistic before for a help. 

Ask them to explain it slowly if you don't understand at all about the subject. Keeping your problem alone will not resolve anything. The more you keep it the more the problem you gain it and of course the more you hate it.

I hope those tips above can help you to start studying statistic. Have fun with the statistics!

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