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Most everyone experience in a friendship. In some country like West country friendship is almost close to so-called relationship. Despite of the fact friendship is not necessarily relationship.

Doesn't it relationship first begin from friendship? If so, then there is shade between friendship and relationship. 

Accordingly, then I can define friendship has equivocal; first is a friendship that come before relationship--- usually before become a couple, and the second is friendship that has its significance about friendship itself. 

As they both have respective significances about so-called by friendship thus in the other words friendship can't always become a relatioship as well as relationship can't always be defined as a couple but also a friendship --- accordingly, that means a relationship does not necessarily have a friendship?

In my experience with western friends, they call a friendship to someone who they already know for years --- but in some country like East country, like at my home for example , they define friendship to someone who they just know a week ago; note: as long they can get along with the person. 

But what exactly is a friendship about? I assume it will Depend on what we feel, think and experience about friendship because even if in the same culture people would have different a thought about friendship. 

In experience I've had, in both friendship of asian and western styles, those friendship styles seem to have the positive and negative sides.  

Friendship of asian style, I believe, is too easy to get familiar with new person. A new person can become like a buddy if once he/she finds similar things on you. It's not really surprising case if somebody meets in the internet just for month would ask you to become his/her foster family --- this is  not a strange phenomena in Indonesia. 

When I asked to one of the people who like committing this habit (to pick up and 'pretending' that they're his/her family), they inferred that they're looking for fraternity. 

I wasn't sure whether it because they're too naive or just they're very nice people. But the philosophy of theirs thinking about friendship seems not positive anymore, but rather than called unelightened --- they often say that all human beings are made to be brothers and sisters for each others. In addition, they seem effortlessly to seek a friendship and towards relationship.
Maybe it's nothing wrong with their way to detemine a friendship (well, not saying 100 % nothing wrong with them), but if I look at people who easy to get along in friendship would also easy to break up, perhaps it because they're too easy to determine to become a buddy with a new person.

This is likely what inflicts some girls, whom I know, always in a friendship trouble --- I can't even call them friends as they often vilify to each others. I wonder what causes their brains to think and act hard in  a simple thing like friendship as they're every once in a while very easy to comfort with another however its reverse that they can become  a horrible  person with another (oh I'm so tired to think about it!).

Well, if the girls fighting, I just like to become a listener for both sides (rather than adviser)  or else a playgoer --- as it's very much like a drama, I suppose ^_^.

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