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Hysteria subject eternally prompts me to lecture psychoanalysis of mine, whom, jokingly stated on his first class that no human beings are normal. I don't know why this subject prompts me to him, but I consider that his way of teaching the class leads me to a thought that he suffered from hysteria, too. 

Well, that the thing if you study psychology, you know. Anything you think  that odd or far out, it  could  automatically lead you  to a diagnosis.

Anyway, he's not the reason I want to write about this subject, it was actually a group of women whom has inspired me to write this subject. A group which can't stand their life without exclusive brands on their performance. I, therefore,  put a picture beside of this posting with a woman holding Gucci bag.

In spite of that it has previously written and posted on my Jurnal Psikologi Indonesia blog, the subject  is still seemingly withstand my curiousity --- Its likely challenge my perspective on this field. So here we go.

Zam Case

Here is the first case, is about a friend of mine, whom, I believe he suffers from hysteria. Hysteria, or now well-known by personality disorder, in Bahasa (Indonesian) called it "Penyakit gangguan syaraf". It's believed now by many professionals on this field, that it’s no longer as a solemn mental illness --- I wonder, why they think this isn't solemnly anymore; as a matter of fact so many people get 'unhealthy' impacts of suffering from hysteria, particularly on women.

Presumably, his name Zam (inspired from an Indonesian religious movie), he came to me with a desperate story regarding to his wife, whom, his reputedly his wife was so abstruse and implacable about things.  He had desperation to solve his problem. According to his story, his wife finding difficult to adapt the culture, the place where he comes from (they come from different regions) and also hardly to get along with his family. This problem later became a root of their argument which led to a cavil.

This situation makes him feel contradictory her anymore --- he keeps trying to understand her though, but unsuccessfully to convince her, instead he looked weaker to her.

Zam is a very religious man who went to university for technology subject. His career isn't really great as web developer --- this is one of his wife sarcasms when they have argument she satirise his work of spending time on making a website give rise to nothing. Meanwhile, she was a doctor graduate which got higher paid than him.

As he's a religious man he prefers to marry a hijab woman, so here he goes, the dream comes true; he's married to a hijjab woman. Unfortunately, her hijjab isn't satisfied him as his ideal wife, instead he finds  her 'fussy'. I've once suggested him to go to a psychiatrist for help, but he denied it, he wanted me to help him instead.

One day, he asked me to call him for a chat. In aims to make him comfortable while talking with me, I began with a story about my brother. His sound began relaxing during the first 20 minutes of conversation. After those 20 minutes he changed the subject to sex, inquired what the side-effects of having masturbation.

Zam is living apart from his wife and two daughters, so they have a deal to meet  up once a month. This living apart between them has aggravated their unhealthy marriage life. His wife has refused him moving to a place where he currently lives as according to her she has better qualification than him. Zam had two thoughts of her stubborn attitudes, he believes it because she has different cultural background from him and as an ordeal he has to deal with. 

Some weeks after the conversation, I began losing contact with him. Well, we still meet in a forum, but his attitude has changed unfriendly. I let him enjoying his life, with a wish that his life getting better. One day, he put on his fb status about a religion thing which the point was he has his own path to determine his life; he won't take another path that isn't God's path. The day after he wrote that status, I was removed.

He might felt guilty himself by sharing his problems with me, the worst of it, he admitted how so unsatisfied his sexual life. The 'resignation' of him of  stop being friend with me is as the guilt. He might thought: "Why should I take an advice from a person who doesn't even mention to go for a pray?".

But then I was thinking again about his 'resignation', would that be because I was mastering him too much, --- like what Freud did to Dora, so that's why he left without a farewell message? Uhmm.

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