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Here is a story about a group of people who like hassling with one to each others. I call them very interesting people, but my husband call them  insane people.

Presumably, this group called Goblok. Goblok group has a number of members that consists of intellectual people -- well, educated enough to be called as intellectual people as most of these members claim theselves that they posses a univeristy degree level or higher. 

In general opinions of people that a university level has above avarage compare to lower education to behave and  think accordingly its title. In fact of the spite, higher education isn't necessary can change some 'ironic mental stuff' on person or a group's attitude or behaviour.

Here I am with a doubt about education as I often told by my family that education is to teach you become smart person; and here is my question: What kinds of smart person? I will leave this question to you.

These people enjoy so much to hassle one with another and playing words such as a marron. Some members concern to religion, others in politics, another just irresponsives. The war would begin if one disagree with the other and attempting to attack each others with any information they have.

The religion topic would become the sensitive one, unended, unlimited and impranagble. It's obvious that their attitude are childlike and hard hearted: and only childs behave stubornly if they want to have something. Even child with well educated from parents and its surrounding might not as stuborn as these people.

I've forgotton about culture that culture might causes of the way this group of people behave and think like enjoy twaddling and hassling. If culture can formalize a person's personality, will that be hard hearted created by culture too?

The most insane coincident happened between I and one of theses members. The incident happened through email when I responded  to what happened in Indonesia about the cruelty of the killed Ahmadins. 

A guy, whom used to be nice with me but his attitude changed for unknown reasons, responded to my short respons in the most cold and stubborn words expression which obviously it was pointed at me and I had to break my breath off for seconds when I read his response which the point was; Islam is Islam, those people deserved to be killed as they weren't as islam as they thought.

I could perfectly understand if someone being stubborn because of their right has been taken forcibly, but if being stubborn to substantiate that cruelty is permitted for the sake of a religion, in what right do you stand up, exactly? Is it your superficial religion insight?

I don't tell him like I write here. I'm in silent of my writing to tell the truth --- that I'm pissed off!

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