The Invasion Of Internet Technology

Friday, March 04, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

I remember when first time I have my email address, it was made by a young girl, aged approximately 10 year old, she was the daughter of my neighboorhood. Her parents was the only people who owned the internet shop in my area that intra. It was actually coincident that she made my email account --- I asked her father to use the internet to make email address but her father offered me a favour to make it in which I thought he was going do it by himself, but then I was surprised when he asked his little girl to do it for me --- an unconvinced thought distract my mind: "Could she do it?". But amazingly, she worked it out in no less then 10 minutes!

After years passing I met her again, not met her in person but through a social network. She's now a student of computer science. Well, I'm not surprised as she's been introduced about tech stuff by her parents since she was very young. 

She's just one of the 'victims' of the internet invasion who got very,very lucky, that at least  the impact of  the internet invasion could lead her in a great future. By studying  this  magic tech deeply (she's planning to take her Phd straight away after her  undergraduate), that her parents unless weren't wasting  to make her like  this stuff.

Not all 'victims' of the internet invasion got lucky as her, like I and you, for example. I do fascinate with this magic touch machine, but not as fascinate as my little girl neighbourhood who almost become a scientist in computer at her very young age!

Speaking fascinate with computer, do you go to a computer course? I wonder if people would go to take a special course to know how to run a computer while you can get free lesson sometimes through internet.

Internet. What magic and amazing it is. I always enjoy to sit front of the computer and surf things with this magic machine -- who don't enjoy it, anyway? I assume most everyone do! --- I don't really like using mobile phone for the internet. The size screen matter is the problem, and because that causing my eyes and fingers aren't really comfortable. But internet too nice to be passed it just like that, especially when you got good cost to use the internet from your mobile phone --- so I would sometime just click it the web button on :).

In some country like Ireland, computer courses are dispensable. Well, just like at my home in Indonesia, but in Ireland, they more focus to give a computer course to the senior people who can't really know to run a computer. In aims to encourage them to use tech stuff some courses the goverment gives it costlessly. 

I myself try using the internet more usefull and more wisely, like using it to practise my writing so I build some blogs for different type of issues. I start to blogging in 2004 with different networks blogging such as Blogspot and Wordpress. The benefits of having blogging weren't really sorely in 2004, but since the social networks are developed and spread on the internet, especially since the existence of facebook network, the enterprise  microblogging solutions also emerges therewith, and for that, many bloggers can feel the advantages of being blogger!

Even social network now becomes one of the most favourite free-tool to interact people in the world and yet now best place for a business! Software for companies has built and create it very well for the shake of people on this earth and it what makes me and perhaps others too to keep touching each magic of keyboar symbols. And while I'm touching and typing these magic symbols I'm thinking about my little girl neighbourhood: "If I have so much passion to study computer, I wonder how much more passion she has?".

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