Understanding Bar Graphs

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I love making chart. Data analysis is one of my favourite modules in Psychology. So  this posting  is to refresh my memory about chart :). 

Making chart is fun and easy. Generally, chart application is dispensable in a representing data. The function of chart itself is to summarize of the overall data. By using a chart it would make easier for reader to read a data. 

However, it can also be difficult for reader to understand the chart if the data is unclear. I mean, if we misinterpret the data it leads to unclear interpretation to reader too -- good chart would not remain an interpretation to reader -- in the other words, it must understandable.

Different type charts will have distinct utilities when representing data. As there many type of charts as well as different application so it will take your time for a while to distinguish the differences, but trust me after you get used to it you will hardly to stop explore it :).

Here is my first introduction to chart, is Bar chart and Pie chart. Although I have previously written a bit about how to make chart. But I didn't really write about the details of its functions so here we go. 

Bar Chart - The things that I can remember about the bar chart is that bar chart has also different types:, such as simple bar chart , clustered bar chart, and stacked bar chart. Depending on what your aims to make chart but each of these type charts have different functions too. However, all these charts have the same character type, is they have a gap between one bar to the others bar (see the image below).

It's character of all charts that X bar and Y bar has to be clear with its data information --- so it can't remain a confusion to your reader like I've mentioned above: Don't remain intepretation to your reader!

Bar chart is basically made for a nominal data e.g. nationality, colour, gender, etc. See the image above, the chart shows its clear data, the X bar shows the information of types (Eastenders, casualty, peak practice, the bill). So is the Y bar (number of viewers). 

Pie chart can also be used for nominal data as pie chart can be used for something that is very simple and not so many data like histogram chart which has many bars on chart (will be posting about this later). 

 As like I said, it's fun and easy! Will be continued for another chart :).

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Image source: www.mathsrevision.net

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