Understanding Pie Chart

Sunday, March 20, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

As I've previously written about chart that making chart is easy and fun. What I mean by fun is we can explore the chart into different colours and depth angle. 

What we should remember before making a chart is our understanding about type of data i.e. Nominal, Ordinal, and Scale. Once we understand all the data we will be able to know what chart is appropriate for the data. 

It might be a bit confusing to decide which chart is appropriate for your data. Such as Nominal data, this data is basically for a category describtion e.g. nationality, colours, and religions, gender. 

Normally, appropriate chart for nominal data is bar chart and pie chart. I don't know exactly why these charts are appropriate for the nominal data, perhaps it because the patterns of these charts are simpler than the other chart i.e. Histogram chart.  

For example, gender data can only be divided into two categories, male and female. It's more appropriate for this data if we use pie chart.

The best thing to do is --- and I always do this as well, is to have a look the chart once it's made. If the chart looks confusing or doesn't seem right then must be something wrong with the chart.Remember that good chart won't remain a confusion to readers. 

The thing need to be remember while making a pie chart is pie chart isn't the same like histogram which has so many bars within. So if we use pie chart with some data it will leave interpretation to readers --- try to avoid this! Readers can't interpret our chart as it might remain misunderstanding to the chart.

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