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Tuesday, March 08, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

For women, I have an uninteresting question, and sounds might even silly that I'd like to ask you: "Have you ever found an interesting conversation with a man?". If you do, I don't believe that the man is really interested in the topic, but rather than just trying to be polite or may he's just interested in you.

But not all men like that, anyway. Last week, I had a good conversation with a man; he's a husband of my friend who lives 2 hours away from where I live. It's very rarely that a man would interested in women's issues. He disagreed with my statement that all women are insane, but then changed his mind after a while :). At the end of our conversation he added: "there must be some positive sides about women". I either  admitt its a naive comment of him or he's just lost in the conversation because of getting bored with me :)).

If I can be honest, I'd prefer to talk with guys than talk with girls. Honestly. As I can't concentrate at all to listen what they say. You can guess what women would talk about if they have a gather: nothing except emptiness :). I get tired sometimes to listen and talk about everything but lead to nothing, but I keep talking and very rarely listening as I'm honestly not interested in listening others speech. Well, I pretend to listen, actually. When a group of women have gathering it would be made only for talking and questioning what others have and don't. I know sounds very negative and sad, but I tell you the truth: that's true.

Sad but true that most women are insane. If I could choose, I'd choose to have men's brain. Why? Their brain is well organised than women's brain. It's sadly true. Has there any scientist  done a research about  the insanity of the way women act and think? Despite some of women are insane but I still get fun from some of them :).

I haven't had a very good and sincere friend recently, not after Dandy must left Jakarta with his family.  Dandy was my neighbourhood who lived next door from my house, and his originally from Maluku. He's also my class mate. We were just about 11 year-old kids that intra. As we were very close, Dandy and me always spent time together, especially after and before school, in the weekend particularly. The back garden in my house was our favourite place to spend the evening as there was  a swimming pool and fruit tree to have fun with. 

One day before he left, we spent time together at the usual place. He asked me a question if will I forget him if we don't meet each other again, and I said I won't. Every time my mind think about how difficult it is to have a best friend I always remember him. I don't know where is he now, and I do miss him so much. Haven't found a best friend like you, Dandy.

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