Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man

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You probably still remember my posting about a lad whom had been deleted from my facebook friendlist. The story still continue as he couldn't control himself to be little bit dignified, he told whoever he met about his removal from my friendlist.

A week ago, a lady called me asking what the story behind his removal, and I answered: "Nothing". She retelled what he told her about me, which is so childish and ridicilous to write here. 

This is my reason why sometimes I'm very fussy about choosing good friends as most of  Indonesian women (can men also) enjoy discussing drivel like it's so crucial. 

I ain't trying to be different or more intelligent than them (though it's true. lol), I just absolutely can't enjoy to talk with type of these people.

They sometimes go further if the person they talk with is unaffected, such as exaggerating the news. And it's going to be worst if they do intentionally in aims to provoke you. 

I will definitely stay away from these people, specially if the signs of provoking shown. But how about if we can't get out of these people?

I'll probably show my dislike attitude to their provoking news or if there no progress then I tell them that I don't want to listen about anything that isn't my business.

Like this guy, a married man who should more concern about his own life, specially with one little baby, should've spent his time talking craps.

Sometimes there is a compulsion to revenge his act, to tell everyone about who he really is. Good Lord, I wasn't given a brain and heart like his. Although I know the worst secret of him behind his masculinity mask, however I prefer to keep it for myself.

If my husband would say: "Let it go. A bad karma for mean people". Though, I'm not very philosophy woman, I do believe him.

I know this guy was hurt for being removed from my friendlist because if he wasn't, then he shouldn't bother. I don't give a damn of what he said, I feel pitty instead because his unawarenes with the surroundings and his own life. 

I wish one day he could change his negative attitude, he doesn't like a man he has to be, I see him like a lady instead.

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