Are You 'Kartini' Enough?

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The 21st of April had to be an extraordinary day for all Indonesian women as today was a day where the most inspiring Indonesian woman had been born. 

Kartini, a javanese woman, in her teen-age, she had raised her voice through letters to her europeans friends regarding her unhappiness about the 'unfair' laws in Indonesia.

She pointed out to women's right, such as why women weren't allowed to go school and had to get married under parents' compulsion. She also alluded to Koran, particularly Polygamy issue. 

We, Indonesian women particularly, know very well about what Kartini had done during hard span where women lived only in their fetter circle. 

Have we lived better than Kartini's life?

Well, let me listing four main problems faced by Indonesian women: 

1. Education

Do you know how many Indonesian women posses leaving certificate? Over 200 millions something of population I can predict no more than half of the population held leaving certificate. 

The reason is: No money no education.

2. Polygamy

Polygamy case doesn't seem muffle, sometimes even worst: a recent case about a man who admitted as a divine, willing to marry a 9 yro girl. 

Yet, polygamy is permitted by either religion or goverment acts. What often distracting me is the reigns' acts such as Arabic acts; in fact of the spite, Indonesian isn't like arabic but none like America. 

Do some people try to make Indonesia like arabic, or either way perhaps? Or would that be possible that we're actually in a crisis identity?

3. Abortions

Whether the illegal practicals should be in the jail or the women who do the abortion should be in the jail, but I I suggest that all of us should live in the jail. 

In 2005, there was a horrible news I had ever heard in my life: 11 embryos were found in a bin! Most of you will defintely berate those doers, as like I did. But think again, what has stimulated their action to do abortion?

Will we judge them as perpetrators without seeing the cause and its effect? 

4. Tenaga Kerja Wanita (TKW)

This is the most recent fascinating case in Indonesia. One case of TKW story will never ever be ended, and there are dozens of  TKW cases. Which stories should I begin first?

Every so often I repeat a phenomena when my heart is bumping while sitting among the TKWs, there something annoy me when one or two of them approaching me to have a chat, nothing really sophisticated issue to discuss with them, they're yokel and so innocent.

I can't blame them (although I wanted to), specially for a horrible incident they have, and we shouldn't blame them (like what a par did when she refused to help TKWs and blamed them instead). 

These all  phenomenons happen because this country full of shitty people.

I live in a country where women's right are fully considered by government and some organizations, and I'm grateful for this. I am, therefore, concerning to what happens in Indonesia: When we can become like another counrty where women's life full of welfare? Don't tell me Indonesia can't do it.

Happy Kartini's Day,

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