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Thursday, April 21, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Last week, I posted an artcile in EEC (Effortless English Club) VIP forums regarding grammar rules and my opinion that learning grammar rules is not the major subject to be fluent in English. There were 50 % of the members agreed with me, the rests were giving their comments how very important grammar rules are. 

My problem is (perhaps everyone too), I hate so much grammars. I don't enjoy learning grammar rules but I do enjoy English. I have to say that study maths is much more simple than studying grammar rules. 

This opinion is based on my analysis: e.g. I need memorise stats formula for my exam, like Chi Square formula for example. It would be pretty easy for me to answer the Chi Square question as the formula is consistent and unchanged. 

But different if I do English exam. As English is a languange, there certainly a lot of vocabularies with different contexts involve in the questions. 

I know you want to comment that English has rules such maths e.g. we say an English instead of a English: this is the rules. But the application of an is not just for English and can be used for many vocabularies such as an eye, an honest, an Indonesian, etc.

If you ask to a native speaker why you have to say an eye instead of  a eye, they would probably answer you like this: "because that the way we say it" instead of "because that the rules". 

I know English words since I was about 10 yrso from UB 40 song lyrics, and I still remember the happiness when I copied the way UB 40 sang the song --- all the words seemed beautiful and very encouraging my enthusiasms to learn English passionately.

However, my view about English had changed since an English teacher in Secondary School introduced grammar rules: English seemed very horrible and boring to me.

But thanking for those who have discovered to learn English much easier than just learning and memorising grammar rules. Such as EEC system that has known widely with its system. AJ, who is the founder of EEC system, instantiates how people can learn English without grammar rules memorising neeeded.

I don't like using translation tools, I prefer to use dictionary instead of translation tools. None of translation tools can help people to improve their English. For serious non native English learners, I highly recommended not to use them.
The simple of EEC systems e.g. listened to a story repeteadly, make many people believe that  learning the   terms of grammars are indeed incapacitated. Yet, we're still not fluent although we've learnt years and years to understand English. 
I find many people who are good at English writing but so bad at speaking. And do you know why? Because they stick with the rules.

As I've been experienced struggling with grammars, AJ's system kinda brings the light for becoming fluent.

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