Hysteria (2)

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The point regarding to hysteria which reviewed by a site, pointing hysteria should no longer be serious mental ilness, its really rising  my curiousity, on what basic they exactly stand it? 

If this based on professionals which human behaviour is the major issue, then they should redrew it deeper because that would be a paradox point. And I hope its not because based on so many experts  have been born to handle hysteria.

Hysteria is such as invisible disease of mental ilness that only the person who suffer from hysteria can feel it; nothing but leads to worst if they don't look for help. 

I've often met some people who suffer inside but still no attempts to seek for help. Most of these people think they have nobody to trust, even with their own partner --- just like what comes off to Ira, a woman whom I've known for more than three years.

Ira Case

Ira isn't her real name. I took it from her first name (won't mention her full name for some reasons). Her  first failed marriage just like other failed marriage story --- what  do you think the  general causes of failures in marriage? I think it whether cheating or ill-as-sorted. 

She eventually decided to divorced from her possesive husband, the marriage ended unhappily. Come up with a new marriage may not easy for her, particularly with experience like that. She becomes  obsessed  for being obedient wife with the second husband instead.

I wouldn't agree if somebody says love is blind. Our 'unhealthy' neurons the fact that causes us to act such as soulful person, sacrificing everything for the one who we love. Ira has (sincerely?) sacrified anything she could give to her second husband, she converts into moslem and learning Qoran.

True love sometimes isn't about how much sacrifice you can give and take. Some wise people say if it  still does not come off to you then you need to stand up till you find someone can appreciate your love more. But most people, particularly women ,tend to keep sacrifice more even though they ascertain how deeply it will irritate them.

This is one of the hyteria characters like, gaming their own feelings and living  in reaction formation  (love for hate and hate for love). Ira has to face with more frighful than her previous experience,  the fact  that her husband cheats on her. She hates for this but also she loves her husband, so she keeps the marriage in very painful inside. 

Ira begins to avoid social life, judging people, but keep her attitude balance outside although the painful inside still come up against in her life. 

Her new husband has once suggested her not to come to me, specially for advice (in spite of the fact, I don't give a damn advice to  anyone -- what I tend to do when people come to me is only listen to them. I only give advice  if they ask me to). 

By telling me what her husband has told her about me is her attitude not  to trust her husband. Ira might have thought: "why should I listen to a lier (cheating husband)?". Ira keeps continue seeing me and confider what really happens in their marriage, including their unhappy sexual life.

"Life is not easy" of Freud's famous words, makes me think about the complexity of human being: why is human being so complex? Or perhaps, Freud's famous words based on his tasks  to  solve his patients problems, so that can't be put in general that all human beings are complex, can it?

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