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Saturday, April 30, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

The terms of mixed marriage is when married couples have diiferent backgrounds, such as in religions and cultures. 

In Indonesia (maybe somewhere else too), mixed marriage is usually something that  has more  extreme background i.e. one of them is expats.

Having this issue is still slightly taboo in Indonesia. This is based on my little observation when I see many Indonesians (who don't have expats relatives, obviously) impale at mixed couples on the road or somewhere in a public place.

Also, when they question me about what good things of having marriage with 'bule'. They sometimes can go further on their analysis that married to 'bule' is about size genital matter only; while, none of 'bules' asking me this ridicilous question.
Do you believe if I say none of Indonesians I've met think about love to those Indonesians who married to expats?

I can't argue their fundamental images toward this issue as there many negative rumours have been issued in our society. 

The fact that there still many 'qualified' Indonesians who married to 'bule' based on love, the society just can't see this --- they can be even shallow.

Worst things are mixed marriage every so often gets 'trouble' with lawman. Whatever the issue is,  the lawman seem to have advantage to blackmails the mixed marriage. 

One of examples from over thousand cases with mixed marriage is when a friend of mine who married to expats with one kid. She often got  blackmail with a lawman in an international airport. I know the story when she told the staffs embassy,  in aims looking for judgment. 

According to her she's been blackmailed by immigration officers for Rp 10 millions!

There still many stories about blackmails in mixed marriage though. 

Can these blackmails towards mixed marriage and negative images over?

I have no idea what stimulates them to have attitude towards mixed marriage like that. But I can only think  one thing: that we should learn.

Although many of Indonesians still ambigious about mixed marriage, but the unstatistical data shown that Indonesians who married to exparts have increased every year. Can you interpret how/why it increase?

DBLN, 09.50-290411


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