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Sunday, May 01, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Nothing really interesting to do this weekend so I decide to pimp up my blog. Well, I've planned to do this already since months ago, but only have a chance to do it now. 

It's been ages the template of this blog hasn't changed. The previous template was a bit plan  and of course  dry as dust too :). 

You see my new template a bit girly and kiddy, I chose it to look a bit different, and keep it fresh :).  And I change the blog's title too, it's no longer JengSRI.CoM, but has changed into JengSRI's BloG :).

I might not use this template for long time as this template is too kiddy for me, therefore I have more stocks for templates in case I'm bored too quickly with the new template :). 

Oops, I almost forget to mention that this template design by WPthemes Creator --- just as  my appreciation to the creators :).  Thank you for your most incredible designs!

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