The Obedient Wife

Saturday, April 09, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 1 Comments

I've actually written regarding to obedience issue lately, but it's indicating more to social issue. As I find such a phenomena related to this issue in the past of fiew weeks (despite this phenomenon has been observed since a long time ago) and that emerging an idea to come up on my blog.

This well-known issue of psychology fields which carried out by famous psychologists Asch and Milgram are tend to find in everyday life with a variety of phenomenons. 

Amusing as well as interesting examples of obedience phenomenons are  found in some Indonesian married couples -- and again, I  like taking a picture example of knowledge and matching it into a phenomenon which normally happens in everyday life. As always, it's about my surroundings.
This activity of observing people around me is basically unplanning -- I don't actually do it intentionally, its more as a reflect thought to link it with psychology learning I've learnt. And here we go...

An Indonesian married woman whom I've known very well, always proudly tells me how obedient she is to her husband. I'd say, she's kinda an old fashion wife --- always do what her hurband says or asks no matter what.

We share story about what our marriage style like; and she wonders about how easily  I and my husband can get along with each other. After realising this i.e. seeing my performance (perhaps?), she eventually comes up with a new story: "I'm so tired to obey my husband. He's never satisfied with what I've done for him. I've just got a bit more weight this month and he complains about it already! Why I can't be myself?"

She's not the one who has been in this situation; and what very amusing is most of those married women suffer inside for obeying their husband's authority. This attitude indicates their dissonant with the performance. 

Their dislike attitude is obviously because they're unhappy to be obedients (specially something they dislike with); and loving it because they're proud of themselves actualizing their husbands' dream come true, is for having obedient wife.

Perhaps culture or religion is the issue of their reason to be obedient wife: and these what might have evoked why such a polygami can happen; even simpler, a husband alluded his wife's style to be what a woman he'd seen; or when a husband says to his wife not to go to somewhere unless he agrees about it; or when a husband only allows his wife to buy a dress if he likes it, etc.

Have you read a book of  a thousand splendid suns written by Khaled Hosseini? I recommend you to read it if you havent't, and tell me what you think about obedience.

Finally, I come up with a point -- as an independent wife as well as mother, that anything effects a wife's life without rights , then they've actually extinguished a life.

Happy mother's day in Ireland.

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  1. Kebersamaan dan keterbukaan sangat perlu bahkan yang utama dalam berkeluarga sehingga segalanya dapat dinikmati bersama dengan bahagia dalam kondisi apapun.


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