Passport Control (2): Three Lessons For Applying Schengen Visa

Thursday, April 28, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Next month, I and my hubby are going to Italy for a wedding party of my hubby's best buddy, which is in Tuscany. As I know, Tuscany is a very beautiful place.

I'm so happy thinking of its beautifulness place and doing activities: planning to go cycling around Tuscany hills under the 23 degrees weather :).

After calling for an appointment to Italy embassy, which is today. My hubby organised all the documents and I only did the signatures :).

Things weren't as smooth as I thought, my hubby didn't make the copies for all documents!

Luckily, the guy was very nice --- he said my surename kind of like Italian name :), and he did copy all my documents.

My hubby excused himself that he didn't do the copies because the website embassy didn't ask about it.

Lesson # 1: Always copy all your documents even the information doesn't mention about it. At least, make them easier to work out your visa.

First process was alright, but there was a problem when he came to ask about the accomodation (I told this to my hubby but he said I would be fine!) -- the accomodation was actually booked by my hubby's buddy as we're gonna share appartment somewhere in Tuscany.

My husband was thingking I would be fine because I'm a member of EU family, but he forgot that I still hold green passport!

No choice then, I told the guy would fax it soon!

Lesson # 2: Always have your accomodation proofs ready no matter what!

The first two mistakens weren't finished yet, there was another mistake (again???), yes again! I didn't buy a travel insurance! Well, I showed my yearly health insurance, unfotunately they wanted a travel insurance.

And again, I told him would fax it soon!

Lesson # 3: Health insurance differ from travel insurance. If they don't ask to travel insurance in their site, just buy it!

It's a bit different of procedures of Schengen visa in Spain. When I  applied visa to Spain they didn't ask so many documents, as far as I remember I only give them four documents --- not included travel insurance. 

Although it's the same for Schengen visa but apparently they have different requirements for the documents. Things need to remember, always have your travel insurance ready (it's very cheap anyway!), copies of your documents, and proof of accomodation!

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