Passport Control: Respect The Rules

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The ongoing crisis economic in Ireland make no choice to most Iris citizens as well as immigrants to go abroad. All potential countries like Australia, New Zealand, USA,  and Canada are the optimisms for many people in Ireland to have better life.

Also, I and my hubby have a plan about going abroad to Australia. The crisis economic doesn't entirely impact our financials, but it impacts to all the fields in our life such as at work, home and the society. 

The thing is travelling abroad to a country that we haven't been before sometimes can bring us doomed, specially going to a country with strict laws. Therefore it is crucial to know the laws enforcement in all airport we arrive in.

I'm sometimes kind of paranoid when applying a visa to a country. The most I'm scared of is that my visa will be refused because I own green passport.

As I had had (not) nice experience during in London when I (just) arrived in London only for a transit, but asked a lot of questions and held my passport for quite a long which made me worried of being late for my plane. 

It was a bit tempering situation as I felt that I'd been threaten differently.

And I'm not actually the one who experiences like that. When I wacthed a passport patrol program on a tv station, I see people have also the same feeling --- feeling being threaten differently. 

When the program show how the immigration staff had tried hard to explain a stubborn visitor who brought bananas, but the visitor kept talking and defensing himself how and the staff kept listen to him patiently, it's kinda waking me up about what rules about -- that rules are rules.

Unfortunately, only fiew people sometimes can accept the law enforcements in an airport.

Watching a passport patrol program on a tv station has led me to understand that every airport has different laws.

In a country like Australia has forbidden to bring in specifiic foods , specially things that believed can carry such as disease. Similar laws have been also enforced in a country like New Zealand.

Although I'm thinking it's a bit unfair of law enforcement when the immigration officers charge people from something they don't know: how do they suppose to know what forbiddens and not?

But as like I said earlier: rules are just rules.

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