Psychoanalysis: Repression

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I finally know why my psychoanalysis lecture fascinate with the psychoanalysis subject. Psychoanalysis  is unlike other subjects in psychology, I find psychoanalysis seems more challenging for the knowledge about human beings and its complexity, although another lecture of mine in psychology has once alluded this subject, that human mind is not supposed to be busy.

The question is: can we stop thinking of something? In some cases, people attempt to get rid of flurry life and seeking a peaceful to achieve a dignity, like doing yoga. I've tried this kind of thing when I was in Thailand; trying to 'shutdown' my mind from everything that could distract my mind. The impact was very positive to mind and body, and I think it's because done in a quite place beside a lake, but still couldn't off my mind of thinking something.

Somebody might be able to shutdown their brain for a minute while doing yoga, but can they actually clearly  shutdown their entirely mind? Well, as human beings who are genetically born with complex brains, I don't really think so. Even when asleep, our subconcious would still work. And that's why we produce a dream because human desires constitute unconsious wishes nature which can't be avoided, no matter how hard we try to repress the wishes, they keep staying lasting in our mind. 

Freud indicated the repression of wishes would return in such as an act, like slip of the tongue,  it's when  we intend to say something but saying another; slip of the pen; and an act that generally happens to most everyone, it's when we forget something e.g. I remembered to bring umbrella to college while I had shower this morning, but then I'd forgotton it when I left the house.  

Repression according to Freud can be used as a defense mechanism in a therapy e.g. a client tend to use a repression while attempts to express their feelings. In fact, ingeneral everyday life, we use a repression as defense mechanism in aims to cover off everything that might be embarrasing us or something that might harm us or other people.

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