Blogspot Facing Bugs Problem?

Saturday, May 14, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Since two days ago blogspot has been deactived its dashboard. Luckily, I only got this today, and no less than two hours it's fixed. But in some country, like Indonesia, many bloggers admit that the blogs have maintenanced by admins since yesterday.

Since this morning, I've been following blogger status to track what happens on blogspot. According to a blogger status, it's said that the maintenance would not effect the reader while reading your blog: actually it does. 

My new template, which is I changed it last night, including the texts and the lays out, they all looked messy. And it's still the same when it's back to normal. 

They also announced that some posts since the 11th of Mei will be removed in aims to solve the problems and back it to normal --- which makes me a bit worry of losing my data :(. My new posting backs to normal, but not my new template :(.

They're still in maintaining the problems though, but I can't wait to see my template messy :(.

This is first time ever since I become blogger blogspot face bugs problem. Hopefully, the admins will revise the problems very soon. After all, thank you for all hard works. You're rock!

DBLN, 20.09-130511


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