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Watching Euro Vision is not a tv program I'm interested in during the weekend. If I have to chose between watching my hubby's program, which is sport, and Euro Vision, then I would rather watching his program. 

But there was an exemption for watching the Euro Vision 2011 last night: Ireland was in the final!

I didn't really know about this program before until I incidently met John Logan who is Irish, and winning three times for the Euro Vision,  in the irish pub Koh Samui, in Thailand in which he was apparently on holiday with his wife.

Got some photos of him with me during his visit in the pub :).

That's the only thing from The Euro Vision I interest about, if I didn't meet John Logan, I might not interested at all about Euro Vision. 

But last night, I was so exicted watching the Euro Vision. It was due to my hubby watched the program (I wonder why he intended to watch it despite he dislikes them*). 

*Jedward is the Irish singers who are twin boys, performed well in the Euro Vision 2011 last night. According to my hubby, they have won in the UK X Factors (Again, he said he dislikes them but he knows everything about them!).

There was something about how the panel Euro Vision of each country taking the point for every performance that slightly droll to me.  

I thought each performance was  valued by how talented or great they performed, but then when I followed the given points by each country, I realised that most points were given to their closest country. 

Hmm, very easy to guest who's the winner next time then ?

Anyway, Jedward didn't get the throphy for the Euro Vision 2011, but they have performed their best and make many irish people proud, or are they proud of Jedward? 

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