Four Steps To Get Paid From Google Adsense!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 Unknown 0 Comments

Had a wonderful today, something wasn't really big but makes me slightly happy :). Google Adsense sent me a letter regarding to my payment. Yeay!

I had even forgotton that my payment adsense was set unhold, so I'll be paid for one and half year payment! What a day :).

In its letter, there is instruction which contains four easy steps how to get paid from Google Adsense. And here they are:

Step 1: Log into my adsense account.

Step 2: Go to HOME tab, then click account setting.

Step 3: Click Verify address link

Step 4: Enter my pin and the submit it.

And finished! Very easy, eh? Now just waiting the cheque is coming :).

Love blogging even more :).

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