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Recently, I've been very dilligent up dating my blog. Most of my blogs up to date, specially the JengSRI's BloG, almost everyday  :). 

I'm probably addicted to writing or blogging; specially in English. I enjoy so much writing English, as I assume it goods exercise for practising English. 

I try to make a list that  I need to do for next month. Nothing really special, but I'd like to share it on my blog :). Here is a list to DOs for next month.

  • Packing unused clothes, bags, shoes, etc and send it to Indonesia
  • Buying gifts for some good friends of mine in Indonesia
  • Continue the gym trainning programme
  • Going to Italy 
  • Making a plan for June holiday in Indonesia
I sent a message to a blogger from ??? (ssst, it's secret!) last week, and offering her to meet up in June, somewhere in Indonesia. She seems delighted with the offer: and this will be on the list for June monthly note :).

DBLN, 23.08-300411


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