Italy, I'm In Love (2)

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Dissatisfied with the castle short visits in the other night was finally paid when the lads planned to visit it. At 1 pm we checked out, left Tenuta and then drove to Sienna. The small town of Sienna as well as the view were absolutely fantastic. The car park was a bit difficult to find though, we found it about 2 km away from the castle, at last.

Surrounded by spectacular of God creation

The castle in a small town of Sienna

The square
We went around the castle for nearly two hours, to had time lunch as well in a restaurant located just in the middle of the castle square. Most of the lads had unusual course: tuna salad mixed with olive, eggs and some vegetables, which also surprising me that they still concern to their health :).

Head off to Milan

Although the drivers already held two satnavs on their cars, but most of us no idea about the trip to Milan, one of buddys' wife initiated buying a map for Milan: so what the satnav for?

From Sienna to Milan takes approximately 3 hours by car. We took off for maybe 15 minutes to had lunch, and then continued the trip. Arrived in Milan about 5 pm, had lost as the driver was too stress :). The car was parked beside the hotel building, got the fee park for € 15/night, which is a big mistake we had made as there was a free park for customer hotel.

The hotel wasn't really great as there was no air conditioner in the room: they advertised on the internet the room had the ac. Three rooms were booked but none had ac, and neither anybody complained about it: well, the grumbled silently.

After checked in, we rested for minutes lay on bed, and then get dressed for dinner. Went off by train to a classic outdoor restaurant, and had a drink in a cafe nearly the restaurant. 

My simply dinner main course

The sweetest cocktail I've ever had :).

Continued our drink in a cafe near hotel where we stayed. While the lads got annoyed from the music in the cafe, I enjoyed it very much :). After one drink of cocktail, we're back to hotel. All of us were hardly to sleep till in the morning...

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