Italy, I'm In Love (3)

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The night was hard to pass because of the heat, we didn't sleep at all and the result was deadly tired in the morning. The lads checked out very early, at 6.30 am, they were heading off to Barcelona for Music Festival, so only I and my hubby left in Milan. We ourselves checked out before 11 o'clock but left our lugages in the receptionist as we planned to around Milan city until 5 pm.

Around Milan

Our plan was first went to the nearest internet cafe. After half hour happy internet surfing we ran into the Central Station, which is less than 50 meters from the hotel. The building of the Central Station is very classic of italian building, very huge trail station, and located underground Milan city.

The Central Station In Milan

Our next plan was to Duomo, in English we call Dumo. Duomo has a very huge cathedral, which also widely known as the second largest Catholic cathedral in the world. My heart burst as soon as regaled by a very incredible and huge cathedral front of me. I looked at it with still unbelievable feeling: that my sight wasn't mistaken seeing its outlook.

There were some people who obviously weren't italians, offered me a bracelet, for a second I was a bit naive, thinking that they were genuinely gave me a bracelet, but my hubby appropriately helped me from this situation: we were safe and sound from the fraud tempting.

Who's that cute woman? ;)

Milan Second largest Cathedral in the world

Inside the cathedral

Being inside of the God house is so peaceful, no matter what the religion is. We went around the cathedral, enjoying every our steps inside its building. Some securities were looking around in the cathedral. I was once politely warned by a security not to used flash when taking picture.

Before leaving the cathedral, I put a candle, aimed just merely as prayer: in hope of...

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