Italy, I'm In Love (4)

Sunday, May 29, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Most people I saw in Italy, specially in Milan, they always very fashion and fresh look. The sunny weather manigfy how passion their appearance look like: their body languange and their ways of talking shown how passion they are for life, and it just seems so perfect. 

We went off to a restaurant shortly after around the cathedral. Sitting in an outdoor restaurant while sunny with a bit breezy for lunch avocation observing its surrounding is very rare phenomena to have in Indonesia, so I and my hubby took this moment silently while waiting my lunch: none of us spoke.

The salad was perfectly delicious, I bet I could have more than one portion for nice salad like that, but I'd rather than behave myself while in restaurant :). The lunch closed with Tiramissu while my hubby went for a capuccino: he recommended me not to drink coffee when I told him intending to drink coffee. I said to myself: this is the perfect evening we've spent in our marriage so far :).

I meant to a bit shop-do for myself but we had a list to do already and there was not much time left. We then decided to shop only a handbad for my bestfriend. After nearly one hour looking for good shop with good price (as most of them were quite costly), we found a shop bags at last. Shortly after that, we rushed into the trail station way to Last Supper Da Vinci museum.

The museum of Last Supper Da Vinci

We only had a short visit on this wordly art museum due to we were running out of time. Time to back the hotel taking our lugages and went off to airport.

Italy is merely so special and the most inspiring place I've visited in my life. I can live in Italy even notwithstanding I have to start with very difficult thing: learning its languange (I watched once a hollywood movie which translated in italian languange, really enjoyed it although I couldn't understand every word of its conversation).

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