Italy, I'm In Love (5)

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Florence is another place need to be listed if you visit Tuscany. It's located no more than two hours driving from Sienna to Florence. The beauty of Florence is widely known with its natural outlook. You will enjoy every steps on this place. Unfortunately, we were unable to visit Pisa where located just less than one hour from Florence.

Information to stay in Florence we got from a woman we knew in the wedding party. The hotel wasn't really bad and located right in the centre of Florence. With € 180/night we could get a suit room for hotel in Indonesia, but well, I forgot how costly it was sometimes to travel in Europe. The park hotel was also, for me, it was the most expensive car park I've ever known, € 25/night for normal car and € 35/night for a jeep!

Hotel Pendini

In love with Florence

Nevertheless, we're on holiday, every spend cost money, for sure! From inside the car my hubby pointed at a building, which very huge, classic and spectacular. For a second, I was looking at its building in unbelieveable feeling. 

Couldn't wait any longer to see the building! 

Duomo in Florence

The other side building of Duomo

We lay down on bed, have a rest for minutes after shower and then walked off to another lads' room. After waiting for five minutes, we were off to walked around. The building apparently was a cathedral. As the cathedral was closed, we decided to comeback again tomorrow, and then continued walking to see the near areas.

What I like most from Florence is its fashion markets, from leather to famous designers such as Gucci, Louise Vuitton, Prada, etc, and of course its ancient buildings and natural outlooks!

Here is a picture of my favourite place in Florence:

I prefer to call it in Bahasa "Sejauh mata memandang"

The scene of 'Sejauh Mata Memandang' brings me to a meditate for seconds: it's a scene of peaceful mind. I took the bridge picture, which known as place for fashion markets, such as, leather bags, golds, diamonds, etc, from the other bridge.

Sometimes I wonder how could those ancients begin the idea of building those spectaular scenes? Didn't they try to leave the next regenerations a message by seeing of those discovers? And I wonder what is it.

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