Italy, I'm In Love (End)

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We woke up very early, around 8 o'clock. Got breakfast in hotel. The lads were already there when we arrived. We joinned them. I didn't feel want a big breakfast (try to control my eating) so I took only a glass of orange juice and kiwi (two glasses of juice won't make me fatter, right?). 

About after 20 minutes breakfast, we left the restaurant and headed off to Duomo. The morning sun makes our holiday seems perfect: good day to walk around. But hang on, I saw a very long queue in Duomo!

A long queue in the first door Duomo
The lads had talked about how long it would be if we didn't book it in the previous day: no idea why they still didn't book it! Fortunately, we didn't queue for the first door: that the good news. There was a long enough queue after fifteen mnunites standing on the queue.

While waiting the queue moved, I did a bit window shopping :).We went into the building and led to a tube (which I didn't really like it). There were about a hundred of scaling ladders in the building. Without knowing where we were going, I followed the lads behind. 
Stepping those scalling ladders was quite exhausting, luckilly I wore my runner shoes. Feeling embarrased for resting, I kept climbing. Fortunately, my hubby knew my limitness, he told me take a rest and climbed slowly. About after 20 minutes climbing we arrived in a floor where all the top of the walls were painted with religious artistic pictures.
The wall top roof paintings

We continued climbing to the next scaling ladders, this time wasn't really very long. It took approximately 15 minutes. And here the place where we arrived:

View from the building roof 1

View from the building roof 2

Another amazing views from Florence! All the tiredness were finally paid by seeing these spectacular views. I took a seat not far from the barriers (as I'm afraid of height!); but still able to enjoying my sights looked at those God creations. Only one word unspoken: Beautiful.

* * *
I don't feel want to end the story :(. Too many things were nice in Italy to tell and it won't be enough to write down just on six series. This story is a script of  memory in Italy. It's not a show off story with proven pictures or whatsoever. It's a passion of life. 

We'll see you again, Italy.

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